Digital File (JPG)

We email you a .jpg of your selected map as a 1,800 pixel x 1,800 pixel size image (6" square @ 300dpi). Map can be used for any personal use - invitations, brochures, fun stuff! Please include the following: ©OpenStreetMap & contributors. 

Order one free map per order. If you want more than one, just place a 2nd order.

Larger files sizes available as follows:

3,600px = 12" x 12" @ 300dpi - $35

6,000px = 20" x 20" @ 300dpi -$75

We love special projects. Just contact us so we can help!

For more information on the wonderful world of open source mapping, please go to

We email you a link to the file within 1 day of order placement.