The Digital File

If you want to take on your own project (from BIG Wall paper to small jewelry) and want a good high res file, this is just what you need. We can supply you with a FREE 1,800px x 1,800px jpg (6" x 6" @ 300dpi) of your map, just for asking.

The watercolor map was designed by Stamen Design in San Francisco using openstreetmap data. Openstreetmap is like the wikipedia of the mapping world - opensource mapping from contributors like you that care about making information free and accessible. You can use these maps but our only request is that you spread the openstreetmap word by crediting them like this - ©openstreetmap and contributors.

Larger sizes are available - 3,600px images square (12" @ 300dpi) are $35, and 6,000px (20" @ 300dpi) images and up are $75. We LOVE special projects so please be in touch if you're looking for something specific.

We've supplied everyone from the White House Historical Museum Store to independent artists looking for a beautiful and accurate map of their part of the world.

Have a look at our compilation of our first 50 maps in business (make sure your speakers are on - it's a great song called MAPS!), or stroll through our pinterest page.